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User Manual: A Simple Tool to Kickstart Collaboration


Too often we dive into teamwork without explicitly talking about how we like to work. We each have our own preferences, peeves, and flair that can contribute to or detract from collaboration. By making our working styles known to others, we can avoid misunderstandings rooted in personality differences and fast forward to effective teaming. Enter the User Manual.


Use the User Manual Template below to kickstart a team conversation about working styles and how others can effectively engage with each other:

  1. Copy the template below.

  2. Complete the prompts (10-15 minutes).

  3. Hold a team conversation to share User Manuals (e.g., present to the rest of the group), and invite clarifying questions in service of future collaboration.

  4. Save all User Manuals in a central location so team members can refer back in the future.


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