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Support Groups for Dads

Connecting Dads, Nurturing Fatherhood

Support groups provide a dedicated space for dads to connect, support one another, and thrive in their journey of fatherhood. Being a dad comes with its own unique joys, challenges, and uncertainties. Groups foster a sense of community and provide a welcoming environment for dads from all walks of life. Participation serves as an invitation for ongoing connection and support.

Meeting Dates (In Person)*

Tuesday Nights, 7-9pm

Oct 24, Nov 7, 21, 28, Dec 5, 12

Sunday Oct 29, 10-11:30am

Sunday Dec 10, 2-3:30pm


Winter dates coming soon.

*Groups consist of 6-11 dads and meet in the Berkeley/Oakland area. Weekday evening meetings are without children; children are encouraged to join dads for Sunday daytime gatherings.

Membership Fee

$250 covers cost of organizing, facilitation, and supporting materials for eight sessions.

About the Facilitator

Andrew Gordon-Kirsch (he/him)

I'm an experienced facilitator and a new dad. When I became a father, I found myself yearning for a community where I could openly discuss my joys, fears, and doubts. It was during these moments of vulnerability that I recognized the need for a support group that could offer empathy, guidance, and a sense of belonging. In hosting these support groups, I do not pose as the Fatherhood Expert. Instead, I combine my curiosity as a new parent with my expertise in facilitation, group dynamics, and men's work to hold space for dads to navigate challenges, celebrate triumphs, and learn from one another's experiences.

Andrew with daughter.

For Dads Who Are

Seeking Community: If you're looking to connect with other dads who understand and are eager to share the joys, challenges, and emotional complexities of fatherhood, this group is for you.


Navigating Emotional Challenges: Whether you're facing stress, anxiety, work-life balance issues, relationship dynamics, self-care concerns, or intimacy and sexual dynamics, the group provides a supportive space to explore and address these emotional challenges.


Interested in Learning and Growing: If you're eager to gain insights and peer-to-peer learning from other dads who have faced similar situations, this group offers a platform for personal and parenting growth.


Open to Sharing and Listening: Being able to share your thoughts, experiences, and concerns openly and non-judgmentally is important. The group fosters a culture of active listening, compassion, and respect for each other's journeys.


Ready to Build Lasting Connections: This group is for dads who value genuine connections and long-lasting relationships. While not required, participating in the group provides a natural invitation for ongoing connections with fellow dads who are on a similar path.

Discussion Topics

I hold space for topics the group wants to discuss, such as: 

  • Parenting Identity and Role

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Intimacy and Sex

  • Isolation and Loneliness

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Self-Care

  • Fatherhood Stereotypes and Gender Roles

  • Emotional Support Networks

  • Balancing Personal Needs and Parental Responsibilities

  • Birth and Adoption Stories

Group Format

Dads’ support groups are designed to provide an intimate and supportive environment. Each group consists of 6 to 11 dads. We meet in the Berkeley/Oakland area a total of eight times: Six meetings on weeknights without children present--allowing for focused discussions and deeper connections--and two weekend meetings where children are encouraged to join--fostering family-friendly interactions and strengthening the bonds between fathers and their kids. The duration is about two months, allowing participants to build meaningful relationships, navigate fatherhood challenges together, and create opportunities for ongoing community building.

Virtual Groups

Groups meet in person in the East Bay. If this is not accessible for you due to health, location, or other concerns, please complete the virtual group waitlist and you’ll be contacted when a virtual group opens.

Acknowledgement to Co-Parents

To the co-parents of the dads in our group, thank you for your unwavering support. Your willingness to shoulder the extra workload and provide care for our children allows us to fully engage in meaningful discussions and personal growth as fathers. Thank you for being our partners in this journey. Together, we can build stronger families and create a community where the joys and challenges of fatherhood are embraced and supported.

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