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Feedback and Coaching

For the successful leader
who wants to be even more successful

Feedback is a gift

Even the most successful people have unseen areas—behaviors that unknowingly impede relationships or hold them back from greater achievements. 

Feedback sheds light on these unseen areas by showing us how our actions land with the people closest to us. Spoiler alert: sometimes the impact of what we say or do doesn't match our intentions, as good as they might be. Equipped with this data, we can make informed decisions about what behaviors we want to adjust. This helps us become even more effective in our relationships at work and at home.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to collect candid feedback when in a leadership position. Positional power dynamics and fear of reprisal may limit what colleagues are willing to share, even on high functioning teams. It can also be hard to determine what to do with feedback once it's delivered.

I offer coaching services to help leaders collect and make sense of feedback and decide what they want to do about it.



Andrew Gordon-Kirsch is an executive coach who specializes in feedback and behavior change. He has been developing leaders and helping teams communicate more authentically since 2007. He combines deep curiosity with a keen ear to collaboratively solve problems with his clients. With experience serving the Fortune 100 as well as social justice nonprofits, Andrew leverages a mixed-methods approach to design engaging experiences that take conversation and action to the next level.



I provide feedback and coaching services

to help leaders take action for personal and professional growth

Leadership Coaching

For Individuals

  • Identify a behavior to focus on

  • Develop and try out new habits

  • Enlist coworkers for collaboration and accountability

Team Effectiveness Coaching

For Teams

  • Identify strengths and dysfunctions

  • Build candid feedback mechanisms

  • Strengthen group muscle for collaboration

Executive Evaluation

For Boards

  • Collect and synthesize feedback on executive team member performance

  • Deliver feedback compassionately

  • Identify actionable next steps for behavior change and growth


Matt, Senior Manager

Andrew is kind, approachable, and non-judgemental. His style enabled me to take a holistic look at myself without being too critical. Working with Andrew increased my confidence and motivated me to establish regular feedback mechanisms with my direct reports and manager. 



Cynthia, Manager

As a result of working with Andrew, I have greater self-awareness about how I can show up to my work more effectively, with less pressure and more kindness to myself; and I am more adept at advancing complex work skillfully and creatively.


Clair, Manager

I appreciate how Andrew never told me what to do. Instead, he helped me uncover what I felt was the next move or the right point of analysis from my own perspective.



I leverage techniques from the following modalities to strengthen my clients' abilities to notice and solve future problems for themselves:

  • FeedForward process

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Humble Inquiry

  • Habit formation theory

  • Organizational change management

  • Design thinking

  • Systems thinking



I've worked with a broad spectrum of sectors and industries,

ranging from social justice nonprofits to the Fortune 100.​

Let's a start a conversation
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