Inclusive Leadership Development

For performance and engagement

Inclusive leadership

creates opportunity

Great things are possible when individuals work in groups. Unfortunately, cultural norms and environmental conditions too often impede effective collaboration. Inclusive leadership reshapes those norms and conditions, creating opportunities for individuals, teams, and organizations to grow to their full potential. 

What if leading your team made you feel connected 

rather than isolated?

What if your employees had more headspace to innovate 

and spent less energy worrying about workplace culture?


What if you could increase collaboration and reduce burnout?



Andrew Gordon-Kirsch is an executive coach who specializes in inclusive leadership development. He has spent the last decade developing teams, strengthening interpersonal communication, and helping individuals thrive. He combines deep curiosity with a keen ear to collaboratively solve problems with his clients. With experience serving the Fortune 100 as well as movement-based, political organizations and outdoor leadership programs, Andrew leverages a mixed-methods approach to design engaging experiences that take conversation and action to the next level.


Andrew identifies as a white man and hopes that more white men will make inclusive culture a priority for themselves and their organizations.



We provide inclusive leadership services 

to transform organizational performance.

Leadership Coaching

For Individual Leaders

  • Define and expand growth goals

  • Co-create action plans

  • Build accountability for follow-through

Team Effectiveness Coaching

For Teams

  • Identify strengths and dysfunctions

  • Build candid feedback mechanisms

  • Strengthen group muscle for collaboration

Culture Change Consulting

For Organizations

  • Assess, diagnose, and intervene to strengthen organizational culture

  • Reinforce new behaviors for sustainable change

  • Measure progress over time



We assess what's going on in your organization. We feed that information back to you to enhance self-awareness. Then we co-create an action plan to drive sustainable change. Throughout this approach we leverage inquiry, design thinking, and systems thinking techniques to strengthen your ability to notice and solve for similar problems in the future.



Our clients hail from a broad spectrum of sectors and industries, ranging from social justice nonprofits to the Fortune 100.​

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